• Illegal Dumping Tips and Free Resources for Businesses

    September 20, 2020
    Did you know the City's Streets Division spends a full day each week collecting illegally dumped items? The City has been running a number of pilot projects to better understand what is driving this and to identify potential solutions. These pilot programs aim to tackle the issues from all sides and include education, resources to dump items for free, and enforcement.
    If you've experienced illegal dumping, check out the various resources to discourage dumping on your property and help us by reporting these cases to our Police Department along with any relevant information that could help identify the suspects. If you're a commercial property owner, File a police report online the next time you experience an illegal dumping incident and receive a free coupon to discard the items at the Marin Sanitary dump! This commercial coupon pilot ends September 30. To learn more about this pilot and for other resources visit our Tips and Resources page