• Advocacy Policy

  • If you are interested in asking the Chamber to advocate for your issue, please see the San Rafael Chamber Policy for Advocacy.



  • Political Action Committees

  • The San Rafael Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committees were established in in the mid 1990's. Today a larger percentage of Chambers are establishing PACs as a major component of their business plan to help ensure that their communities have a strong local economy.

    The San Rafael Chamber is affiliated with two Political Action Committees (Issues and Candidates). Both PAC's are independent legal entities supported by, but independent of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce. The PACs are voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated Sponsored, General Purpose Committees.  The PACs are independent of any political party, candidate or political organization.

    The Chamber established the PACs to serve the function of promoting the improvement of the Greater San Rafael area through an active participation in the political process.  At all times the PACs will strive to be a positive influence on that process in the support of individuals or issues that share a common view on our community needs.   

    The Chamber PACs will endorse and support candidates for office and take positions on issues of substance impacting on the San Rafael community. It is recognized that the PACs are founded on the principle that a healthy business community provides jobs, a tax base and opportunities to the overall community and, as such, it is an important aspect of the PACs to promote the health of the Greater San Rafael business community.

    Member voluntary contributions to the PAC  provide the necessary funding to select, help prepare and elect pro-business candidates for local, county, state and federal office.