• Submit a Member Referral

  • Refer a New Member to the Chamber and get $50; they will get $50 off their membership too! 

    To submit a new referral, simply fill out the form below. 

    How the program works:

    • The Chamber member asks a prospect (client, business colleague, friend, or neighbor) if they would be interested in learning about membership with the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce.

    • If their answer is YES, the referring Chamber member fills out the prospect referral information form and returns the completed form to the Chamber of Commerce for follow-up.

    • The Chamber of Commerce staff member will contact the referred business regarding their interest, shares the benefits of membership and offer to be of assistance to them with joining the Chamber.

    • Once the referred business joins the Chamber of Commerce and their payment is received, the referring Chamber member can choose a check for $50 or they can donate their referral check to San Rafael Chamber Educational Foundation (501c-3). This fund gives scholarships to chamber members so they have an opportunity to participate in the San Rafael Leadership Institute, a nine month leadership education program.

    • In addition, Chamber members will be recognized as the referring member in our e-newsletter. You will also get a FREE spotlight profile in our monthly E-Brief Newsletter if four (4) of your prospects join within the calendar year. Your profile will reach over 2,500 contacts. Contact the office for details.

    • For the new (referred) Chamber member, their one-time administrative fee would be reduced from $65 to $15.


    Terms and Conditions:

    • There is no limit to the number of prospects that can be submitted. However, we will donate $50 for the first member that joins under the program in your name. After the fourth prospect that joins under this program, we will deduct $50 of your annual membership dues up to the total annual dues amount.

    • A completed referral form for each prospect must be received by a Chamber staff member prior to, or in tandem with the new membership application. No verbal referrals. Please fill out our online form, or by giving it to a Chamber staff member.

    • The person making the prospect referral must be a current and active member of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce.

    • If a prospect is submitted more than once, the Chamber will honor the Chamber member who turned in the referral form first.

    (Please note you will be redirected to our homepage once your form has been submitted. You will receive an email confirming submission of your referral.)