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    Welcome to the San Rafael Chamber!

    Become a member of the Chamber’s vibrant community of business collaborators. Together, we’ll help you grow, thrive and profit.


  • Blueprint of Activity and Business Tiers. What does it mean to be in Orange Tier? Blueprint of Activity and Business Tiers. What does it mean to be in Orange Tier?

  • Mini-Grants to Discourage Illegal Dumping - Get Up to $1000 Mini-Grants to Discourage Illegal Dumping - Get Up to $1000

    The City of San Rafael spends nearly a quarter of a million dollars annually addressing the problem of public dumping.  Nearly 20% of Public Works’ Streets Division time is spent collecting and disposing of waste that is illegally dumped on City streets and sidewalks, creating a public nuisance and safety hazard for the community. To address this pervasive issue, we’re looking to partner with local San Rafael businesses through the use of mini-grants.  

    These mini-grants will be awarded to local businesses in San Rafael looking to create viable, long term solutions to address illegal dumping on public and private property and reduce the property’s overall crime. The solutions include security cameras, lighting, fencing, and other tools.  Often a few structural changes to your property can dramatically reduce or eliminate illicit dumping and vandalism.


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    Thank You to Our Leaders Circle Sponsors!


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