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    We support local business, unite community, and take action to create a healthy, inclusive, and resilient community.

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    The San Rafael Chamber of Commerce is a member-based business advocacy organization 
    providing a strong voice supporting our community's economic health. 

  • Take Action

    We advocate for policies that will benefit our businesses, community, and
    quality of life and form strategic partnerships to tackle our community's most challenging issues.

  • Uniting Community

    We are a group of vibrant business collaborators. The Chamber provides many platforms for
    our members to make meaningful connections and support each other.

  • Support Local Business

    The Chamber is a catalyst for change by getting to the heart of the issues, overcoming roadblocks, and
    bringing about real change by connecting local leaders and influencers in business and government.



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    News You Can Use

  • Congratulations to Melissa Prandi for Receiving the Public Service Award

    We are delighted to announce that Melissa Prandi has been honored with the 2023 Public Service Award and will be recognized and celebrated at the Taste of San Rafael, State of the City Award event on May 10th.

    Melissa Prandi was selected as the recipient of the Public Service Award due to her consistent level of selflessness demonstrated throughout her life’s work. 
    Melissa is a force of nature who brings economic prosperity to San Rafael which helps our entire community, including our public schools. She is an incredible community member with an amazing can-do attitude, is extremely generous, constantly gives back financially, and dedicates her time and skills to make San Rafael and Marin a better place to live for everyone. Melissa’s efforts and accomplishments have bettered our community, and communities across the world, in many ways, which has earned her the City of San Rafael’s Public Service Award for 2023.

  • Housing Crisis Action Hosts Housing Summit: Seize the Moment

    Join us for our convening of the Marin Housing Summit for a dynamic and engaging panel event designed to bring together housing advocates with experts from legal, finance, housing development, and government sectors. This event is your opportunity to be part of the movement to leverage the potential of the housing elements to shape a thriving, inclusive Marin for all.

    Hear from an insightful panel who will share their experiences, challenges, and innovative solutions for implementing housing units approved under the housing elements. Gain practical strategies for approval, financing, and construction, and be inspired by the power and importance of collaboration across sectors to achieve our housing goals.

    By fostering a dialogue between key stakeholders, "Seizing the Housing Moment" aspires to empower our community to capitalize on the potential of the housing elements, promoting a shared vision of accessible and inclusive housing that drives meaningful change across Marin. Sign up now, and let's build a brighter housing future together!

    Register at tinyurl.com/housingmoment23


  • SAFE Team Launched

    The City of San Rafael has partnered with Petaluma People Services Center to start a mobile mental health crisis response team. This team is called SAFE (Specialized Assistance for Everyone).

    Services provided by SAFE include responding to people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, in need of treatment for mental illness, or who need shelter by providing counseling and transportation to the appropriately staffed location. The team will also address minor medical complaints that do not require emergency room care. The SAFE Team will also be supported by a SAFE Team Navigator, who will manage referrals to the various social and mental health programs in Marin County. The SAFE Team will operate twelve hours per day (8 a.m. – 8 p.m.), seven days a week, 365 days per year. 

    The team works proactively to address low level issues and provides preventative outreach to help ensure individuals don't end up needing a higher level of care. This program is intended to benefit all of public safety by keeping police officers, firefighters, and paramedics available for appropriate emergencies.


    Businesses, Property Owners and Residents may access SAFE services as follows:

    • Call 415-458-SAFE (7233) - an emergency dispatcher will answer and determine if your situation requires the SAFE Team, first responders such as police, fire, or paramedics, or a combination of both.
    • To contact PPSC or to find out more about the program, SAFE@petalumapeople.org