• Women's Empowerment in Business

  • The San Rafael Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Women of Industry Committee welcomes you to the  Women's Empowerment in Business webpage, comprised of empowering blog posts, and a calendar of events which will feature conversations by women that are of interest to women in business.  

    If you would like to contribute a blog post, please submit to Leslie Piper at lpiper@srchamber.com.  

    Women of Industry Luncheon and Awards 2021

    In the Fall of 2021, the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce will hold its 8th Annual Women of Industry Event at Embassy Suites in San Rafael.  

    In the past, we have given out one award recognizing a woman who demonstrates excellence and has made a significant impact in our community. This year we are excited to announce that we will give out two awards; a Women of Industry Leader Award and a Women of Industry Emerging Leader Award. We will celebrate two women who are business leaders and demonstrate professional excellence in their field. They have a genuine commitment to pushing boundaries, motivating others, and building relationships with colleagues and employees. These women are mentors and advocates for the inclusion of everyone in our community, especially women and girls.

    We are currently accepting nominations for both awards.  

    Applications are due August 13, 2021

  • Past Women of Industry Honorees: 

    2013 Joan Capurro, Bank of Marin

    2014 The late Ann Brebner, California Film Institute 

    2015 Patty Garbarino, Marin Sanitary Service 

    2016 Melissa Prandi, PRANDI Property Management 

    2017 Pat Kendall, Kaiser Permanente

    2018 Stephanie Plante, CPi Developers & Mary Kay Sweeney, Homeward Bound

    2019 Cynthia Murray, North Bay Leadership Council 


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  • Boost your Energy with Good Nutrition and Feel your Best! Boost your Energy with Good Nutrition and Feel your Best!

    How can you keep your energy high all day long? Getting enough sleep and exercise both play a role. But your eating habits matter too. What we eat has a major impact on how we feel and how much stamina we have to get through the workday.

    Try these five energy-boosting tips:

    1. Start your day with breakfast for an energizing start:

    "No time," "woke up too late," "nothing to eat," or "on a diet" are the most common reasons people skip breakfast. But according to research, a regular morning meal is linked to better overall health and diet quality, cognitive benefits, a healthier body weight, and a lower risk from some chronic diseases. 

    Research suggests that breakfast eaters tend to have better concentration and problem-solving ability, higher productivity in the late morning, better attitudes toward work or school, and better ability to handle tasks that require memory. In addition, eating a morning meal could help reduce cravings later in the day. 

    What makes up a good breakfast? Try choosing foods from at least three food groups: whole grains, lean protein, and produce.

    • Plain greek yogurt with fruit and low sugar granola
    • Overnight oats, made with dairy or non-dairy milk, nuts or nut butter, and fruit 
    • Nut butter on whole-grain toast with sliced banana or strawberries
    • Avocado on a whole-grain English muffin with a sliced hard-boiled egg

    2. Snack Smart

    Try not to rescue yourself with another cup of coffee or pastry to get through the rest of your afternoon. Instead, plan a more substantial snack that will be satisfying and help you finish your workday with more energy. 

    We need to change the meaning of the word snack and think about it as a mini-meal. Try to include protein, fiber, and healthy fat to feel fuller longer and stay off the blood sugar roller coaster. Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit, roasted chickpeas, hummus with whole wheat pita and veggies, or apple slices with peanut butter all make delicious and satiating snacks. 

    Need more ideas? Check out this healthy snack list here.

    Another tip: eating a light snack of carbohydrates right before exercise can give you an energy boost as well! 

    3. Balance your plate

    Is your lunch making you feel sluggish and sleepy in the afternoon? Foods high in fat (think fried food, fast food, etc.) can make you feel overly full, zapping your energy for the next few hours. These foods also slow down your digestion, reducing the speed at which other energy-boosting nutrients enter your body. Balance out your plate with all the food groups for sustained energy.

    Consider these tips for balancing your meal:

    • Make ½ your plate vegetables and fruit (Eat the rainbow!) 
    • Include at least 20g lean protein (chicken, lean meat, eggs, fish, tofu, beans, nuts, etc.) 
    • Choose whole grains like quinoa, farro, brown rice, or sweet potatoes
    • Add a small amount of healthy fat (olive oil, avocado, nuts, or nut butter) 

    4. Avoid the sugar crash

    When we're tired, we turn to sugar because let's be honest, it tastes good, and we are looking for ways to boost our energy. We may get a temporary spike, but the problem is, high sugar foods will likely result in a heavy crash. It is important to clarify these are added sugars, not
    natural sugars found in fruit and plain dairy products. Added sugars refer to sweeteners that provide extra calories but no nutrients.  

    One key to cutting back on sugar is to be prepared by bringing healthy snacks with you to the office, so you're not tempted to grab from the office candy bowl. Here are more ideas for healthy snacks

    5. Stay hydrated with unsweetened beverages. 

    Rethink your drink! Stay hydrated with water throughout the day. Keep a water bottle at your desk. Add citrus, fresh fruit, cucumber, and mint to give it a flavorful boost. 

    Avoid sugary drinks, soda, sweetened teas, and sports drinks, and fancy coffee drinks as they deliver too much sugar and could result in a blood sugar spike and crash. Instead, try sparkling water, low-fat dairy, plant-based milk, and unsweetened coffee or tea for great ways to hydrate.


    Written by Susannah Wallenstrom, MPH, RDN

    Marin Nutrition Consulting