• Strategic Plan

  • The Strategic Plan for the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce is coordinated by Chamber Committees, Divisions, and Staff. It helps provide goals, specific tasks and measures of success for the organization. The Strategic Plan is adopted annually by the Board of Directors through Committee Business Plans.  

    Economic Vitality Committee

    The Committee serves to promote economic vitality within San Rafael. This is exhibited through showing value to our members and to the San Rafael business community by taking actions to support initiatives that strengthen the local economy. Moreover, to determine the obstacles that exist to businesses’ ability to remain, grow and hire in San Rafael by performing business retention and expansion (BRE) interviews.

    Primary Activities and Tasks
    To implement a core element of the Chamber’s mission: “providing a strong voice in support of the economic vitality of our community”. This will aid in the increase in local agency tax revenue resulting from increase in local economic activity. The committee is also dedicated to an increase the number of employment opportunities in San Rafael and the absorption of vacant commercial real estate (reduction of the vacancy rate). Perform a minimum of 100 Business Retention and Expansion interviews annually. Finally, identify examples of successfully helping a local business overcome obstacles or barriers to growing their business in San Rafael.

    Priority Goals for 2016

    • Be mindful of and help to identify possible trends to communicate to the community and stakeholders.
    • Stay informed on Homeless and East San Rafael issues‘Kitchen Cabinet’ on East San Rafael issues make sure the Chamber aids in solutions.

    View Economic Vitality Committee Business Plan for 2016

    Education Committee

    Act as a catalyst for existing MCOE career-related and pathways programs by facilitating healthy student internship experiences in Marin County. Provide support for the education community that will ensure students attending Marin County Schools and Colleges are prepared and productive participants in a complex, changing, technology-driven society.

    Primary Activities and Tasks
    To identify, promote, and support common educational goals by fostering understanding, cooperation, and collaboration between the business and education communities. Committee recognizes outstanding educators throughout the year by hosting the annual “New Teacher Welcome” Mixer in October and the “Educator of the Month” Award Ceremony at the May Mixer. Committee facilitates successful internships with Marin County businesses for high school and other students. Committee co-sponsors annual Bite of Reality financial literacy program for San Rafael City School District high school students.

    Priority Issues for 2016

    • Highlight internship matches and broaden the Internship Connection.

    View Education Committee Business Plan for 2016

    Governmental Affairs Committee

    Represent the interests of local business and chamber members to elected officials and governing bodies. Reinforce value to our members and to the San Rafael business community by protecting and promoting their interests, tracking, and taking positions on issues that impact our members and the community.

    Primary Activities and Tasks
    The GAC is responsible for research, evaluation, consideration and providing position recommendations to the full Board on issues and candidates.

    Priority Issues for 2016

    • Keep informed on mounting transportation, housing, and homelessness issues and work towards solutions.
    • Influence public policy by inviting elected officials and key stakeholders to meetings and mixers.
    • Create a report card on our performance in advocacy to show how effective our advocacy was and what was advocated for.
    • Compare elected officials' voting record with Chamber positions to see how each is voting.

    View GAC Business Plan 2016

    Ambassador Committee

    Increase member satisfaction by increasing first year member renewal rates. Grow the Chamber’s membership base and engage new members by increasing coffee and mixer attendance and committee participation.

    Primary Activities and Tasks
    The Ambassadors are the front line and the life blood of the Chamber. First year experience is critical for new members, so ensuring new members recognize all the benefits of the Chamber is pivotal. Also, ensuring a positive, constructive experience is the most beneficial for new, current and prospective members.

    Priority Issues for 2016

    • Continue work to increase Membership retention.
    • Look into adding activities for newer members to enable engagement.
    • Increase the visibility of the San Rafael Leadership Institute within the Chamber and community.

    View Ambassadors Business Plan for 2016

    Health & Wellness Resource Group

    The Health and Wellness Resource Group (HWRG) shows its value to the Chamber and community through a variety of activities. The HWRG organizes, coordinates and participates in events and attracts new members through our events. The HWRG is a valuable educational resource to other Chamber businesses through events focused on general health and wellness issues and topics. Our volunteer-based resource group is committed to its mission as members of the Chamber of Commerce. 

    Primary Activities and Tasks
    Build and sustain Chamber membership of health and wellness professionals by offering productive networking opportunities and a support community. Add value for new and current Chamber members by providing health education events and resources that focus on how health and wellness topics can aid their lives and businesses. Provide outreach and educational information to the community at large regarding health and wellness. Support and promote each other’s businesses by learning and understanding what we do and making referrals to each other.

    Priority Issues for 2016

    • Better integrate Health and Wellness Resource Group into Chamber activities.
    • Events should have more of a business feel and relate to the business community. Emphasize how Health and Wellness relates to productivity in the workplace.

    View Health and Wellness Resource Group Business Plan 2016

    Green Business Committee

    The San Rafael Chamber of Commerce Green Business Committee exists to connect the voice of sustainable business with the Chamber, its members and greater business community, in order to help all these groups gain awareness and progress towards a more sustainable future.

    Primary Activities and Tasks
    Increase the number of Certified Green businesses within the existing SRCC membership. Increase the number of opens/reads, click-thru’s and sponsorship revenue for Green Up. Increase the exposure to sustainable business “best practices” (substantive content with archived access) for SRCC members through guides and webinars, and workshops. Recommend green business policy positions (initiative or legislation) that are successfully adopted by SRCC Board of Directors. Create and deliver education content and coaching for members on greening their business, including 6 speaker events.

    Priority Issues for 2016

    • Continue with effort to go paperless in meetings, with payments, etc.

    View Green Committee Business Plan for 2016

    Community Promotion Division

    Priority Issues for 2016

    • Continue the success of 2015 in community events and partnerships
    • Celebrate and acknowledge business owners with testimonials.
    • Further develop I Belong campaign to include more participants and increase member visibility to the community-at-large.