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    May 24, 2023
    Next Tuesday, AvantSpace, a premium network of high-tech, boutique coworking spaces, will open its second location in the San Francisco Bay Area. The membership-based workspace offers a solution for local professionals who no longer want to work at home but are reluctant to return to long commutes and traditional office environments. 

    “Over the last several years, we have witnessed an absolute transformation in the way people work. We’re finally thinking outside the lines of traditional work structure and adapting to a new normal where people achieve a better balance between their personal and professional lives,” said co-founder of AvantSpace, Josh Breuner. “By creating local work environments that nurture productivity, we’re eliminating wasted commutes, removing cars from the road, and building stronger community connections.”

    Located at 835 5th Avenue, the San Rafael location is nearly double the size of its popular flagship location in the Marina District of San Francisco. Featuring 17 private offices, 22 dedicated desks, 2 conference rooms, and 34 floating desks, the workspace, with a growing waitlist, is set to accommodate over 130 local working professionals. 

    “AvantSpace is an ideal solution for employers and employees,” said Francesca Huson, vice president of operations for AvantSpace. “For employers, utilizing coworking spaces saves the overhead cost of having an empty office and for employees, it eases the transition of returning to an office and motivates our ever-growing remote workforce to do so by allowing them to work somewhere they want.” 

    AvantSpace provides a variety of membership options that cater to those interested in having a designated office or dropping in a few days a month. AvantSpace also offers memberships that grant dual access to both the San Rafael and Marina locations. Seeing the demand for conveniently located office space post-pandemic, AvantSpace plans to open additional locations around the Bay to further expand its portfolio.

    In partnership with the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, AvantSpace will host a ribbon cutting and grand opening event on Tuesday, May 30 at 5:00 pm. Members who are currently on the waitlist will be able to officially move into the office space on June 1. 

    About AvantSpace

    Founded in 2018, AvantSpace is dedicated to reshaping the way we live and work by carefully curating well-appointed workspaces that inspire. The California-based company operates sophisticated boutique workspaces and meeting spaces in the heart of residential neighborhoods in San Francisco and Marin.  AvantSpace is committed to nurturing community, creativity, and collaboration by creating flexible workspaces that give entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams a better way to work where they live. For more news and updates, sign up for the AvantSpace newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
    Francesca Huson