• Chamber Endorses Candidates and Ballot Measure

    September 15, 2020

    The San Rafael Chamber coordinates advocacy efforts on behalf of members and the business community in the San Rafael area. The goal of the Chamber's advocacy is to improve the area's business climate, strengthen the local economy, and ensure that public policy decisions adequately take into account the needs of businesses in order to maintain/improve our quality of life. That is why we endorse the following:

    We want to thank all of the candidates that are running in the City Council race for their interest in public service.
    The San Rafael Chamber is endorsing the following candidates and urges you to vote on November 3rd and vote the following:
    • Support Kate Colin for Mayor:
    The Chamber has endorsed Kate Colin for Mayor due to her extensive experience on the City Council and in the community. She has shown the ability to bring people together to make tough decisions when necessary. The Chamber feels she has a strong plan to enhance the city and support the business base as we recover from the pandemic. Her commitment to our city is unmatched and she will serve our city well as the first female Mayor of San Rafael.
    • Support John Gamblin for District 4:
    The Chamber endorses incumbent John Gamblin for District 4 because his voting record has strongly aligned with the Chamber during his time in office. He has also been a staunch advocate for bringing well-planned housing to San Rafael and has shown to be a strong fiscal decision maker. The Chamber feels he has worked well with the City Council to create policy that has benefited the residents and business community.
    • Support Maika Llorens Gulati for District 1:
    The Chamber has endorsed Maika Gulati for the District 1 City Council seat. She brings a fresh set of eyes to the Council and will work hard for a District that is often underrepresented. Her background in small business and non-profit will help her make well informed decisions as Councilmember.
    • Support Measure R:
    This was not an easy decision. The Chamber understands that supporting additional taxes at this time may be counterintuitive and difficult for some of our small, local businesses who are suffering, but now is not the time for us to be dogmatic. We are all in a national crisis and our local governments are suffering from the pandemic too. We fear the City may have to declare bankruptcy with their projected budget shortfall and critical city services that we care about will be eliminated. We feel it is only prudent to support this measure at this time to keep the remaining 2% sales tax dollars locally and maintain the resources needed to support our businesses. Measure R ensures that all of the funding raised will be strictly spent within the City on staff and City services that matter to us including homeless outreach coordination, drafting and implementing workforce housing policies, job creation, and crucial economic development strategies. This is the last quarter cent that is allocated for local control that could be grabbed by other county wide or North Bay regional tax measures on future ballots, if not approved now.
    Read Full Letter Here.
    Joanne Webster, President and CEO
    jwebster@srchamber.com, (415) 454-4163