• Back -to-School Safety from Kaiser

    August 26, 2020
    Watch this new prerecorded webinar and get the latest updates and clinical information you need to navigate the new normal of COVID-19.

    COVID-19 update #8 – Back-to-school safety and answers to frequently asked health questions
    Deb Friesen, MD, speaks about the scientific realities of coronaviruses, the impact on schools, suppression strategies, control measures, and Kaiser Permanente’s response.

    Find out about:
    • COVID-19 updates and trends — New insights on the current state of the pandemic
    • Back-to-school safety and health — Understanding how to keep kids and family healthy including vaccine recommendations
    • Answers to frequently asked questions — We address the most common questions about transmission, symptoms, testing, and more

    Updated: COVID-19 Return to Work Playbook
    Stay connected to current best practices to help keep your employees healthy and safe on the job. Our Planning for the Next Normal at Work playbook version 6.0 can help you continue navigating the process of reopening your business.