• Get Your Business Listed Online

  • We have partnered with Google's Let’s Get Our Cities on the Map program, a tailor-made program designed to strengthen 30,000 communities across the nation by helping their local businesses get online.

    Our Let's Put San Rafael on the Map site is loaded with helpful resources, like a diagnostic tool that shows businesses how they appear on Search and Maps, a step-by-step guide for getting online with Google My Business, and our free website offer (a free website and domain name for one year with our partner, Startlogic).

    Getting your business listed online is key to increasing exposure and helping your potential customers find you. It is a great way to make your location, hours and other information accessible on the front page of a search without the searcher having to find your website. Check to see if your business is listed on Google now!

  • See all the reasons why getting your business listed online matters here!