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    I’m Jan Goldberg, founding partner of Delicious Catering.  We joined the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, but aside from attending a few mixers, we didn’t know how much value the Chamber would provide us as a small business until we became a Green Certified business.  I began to attend meetings of the Green Committee of the Chamber, and learned about Marin Sanitary Service’s composting program and Food to Energy program.  This has helped us as we try to achieve our goal of Zero Waste.

    Since we are located in East San Rafael, we have joined the East San Rafael Working Group (ESRWG).  When parking became a problem in our area, this group helped voice our concerns, and we have benefitted from the new parking rules on Kerner Blvd.

    During the pandemic, our business has been severely affected.  In order to survive, we need to trim costs as much as possible.  When the bill for our Health Permit came, I called the Environmental Health office to see if we could get all or part of the fee deferred.  I knew that the more businesses who contacted them, the more likely that there would be some accommodation.  I reached out to Joanne Webster, and she brought the issue to the countywide group of Chambers of Commerce, who saw the value of supporting our request.  The result is a deferment of half the fee for now, with the remaining fee to be paid in 3 months.  I know all food businesses appreciate this!

    Since COVID 19, we hear people say “We are all in this together”.  As a member of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, we at Delicious Catering know that it is true!