• Spotlight Member of the Month: Eric Betz

    March 25, 2018
    Eric Betz is the founder of MorningSide Windows, a professional window cleaning service for commercial and private properties in Marin and San Francisco. His service is licensed and insured, and focuses on creating sparkling windows, skylights and solar panels. He says, “I take pride in and enjoy my clients’ excitement about how great their homes and businesses look when the job is done.” 

    Are you on a Chamber committee?
    I’m really stoked that Odette (the committee chair) invited me to be part of the Ambassadors. It started when I acquired Rafael the Raccoon from the Chamber’s member relay at the Christmas mixer. I’ve taken him all over, and my daughters were really into him. He went to Palm Springs with us to my parents’ for Christmas. 

    Did you grow up in the Bay Area?
    I moved here in 1997 from Oregon to go to the Academy of Art and earned a degree in fashion design. I worked in the corporate outdoor industry for years—Marmot and Mountain Hardware, Any Mountain and Vail Resorts. We lived in the city for a couple of years, then bought our home in San Anselmo in 1999. My daughters are 13 and 17, both on the Drake High School mountain biking team.

    How did you decide to start a new business?
    I wanted to be my own boss. So I researched a bunch of business opportunities, looking for a low capital investment and great earning potential. I kept coming back to window cleaning. 
    I bought a URL for Golden Gate Window Cleaning but a neighbor who hired me said the name sounded too sterile. She said why don’t you name the company after our street, Morningside.

    Do you consider yourself lucky?
    I do, having the opportunity to start and grow a company like this with great support from friends and community. I’m off to such a great start.

    How do you give back?
    I’m very excited to support my daughters on the nine-time state champion Drake High School mountain biking team. I attend every race and act as the “grill master,” serving a hot breakfast and lunch for the 65 team riders. The rapport and sense of community among the team and families is fantastic. 

    What’s the most fun you’ve had recently?
    Getting my younger daughter a new bicycle and going riding on trails with her. She’s so excited to follow in her sister’s footsteps. I feel lucky that I’m healthy and can keep up with my athlete daughters. 
    I’m also happy that Camp Tamarancho is nearby, a Boy Scout camp with a fantastic network of trails. I’m an Eagle Scout and loved being part of it growing up. And now I cycle, ski, camp and hike with my family. 

    Are you an optimist, pessimist or realist?
    Absolutely an optimist. My mother-in-law calls me EEB, Eric the Eternal Optimist. My viewpoint has affected my life in a great way, I think making me more enjoyable to be around. I’ve built a great group of friends.

    Is there something you've dreamt of doing that you haven’t done yet?
    I’ve always wanted to helicopter ski. I’m a big skier but it’s a very expensive endeavor to be dropped off at the top of a mountain and ski down. But there’s something about those wonderful sunny slopes and powder snow. 

    Do you have a hidden talent?
    I’m an excellent sewer and really enjoy it. I often hem my daughters’ pants and dresses and just made myself a fanny pack for biking. And although I don’t currently play, I played the trumpet for 12 years and I might pick it up again. I’m also really into BBQing and making soups, and I love cooking with my daughters.  

    Who has been most influential in your life?
    My daughters. Seeing them grow and become such responsible young women makes me feel proud and excited about their future. They drive me to be a better person every day.

    Emily Maloney, Marketing and Program Manager
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