• SAFE-T-Proof Disaster Preparedness Co., Inc. and San Rafael based DISASTER SUPPLY CENTER to merge

    April 16, 2018
    With more than eighty-three years of combined experience the merger between Safe-T-Proof and Disaster Supply Center bring unrivaled experience ranging from engineered shake table tested earthquake fastening systems recommended by structural engineers worldwide to a wide array of unique and innovative emergency products.
    Michael Essrig Safe-T-Proof founder and CEO: "We are thrilled and delighted to join forces  with Disaster Supply Center. Their unmatched reputation and broad range of product selection provides the perfect complement to Safe-T-Proof's line-up and commitment to provide our customers the absolute best in both fastening and emergency products".
    Michael Skyler, Disaster Supply Center CEO expressed excitement at the merger explaining:  "In Safe-T-Proof we found a company that shares the same values and level of customer care as those that have guided us for twenty plus years. By coming together our existing clients as well as future ones will benefit from our joint expertise".
    Once the merger completed Mr. Skyler will remain as part of the Safe-T-Proof team to continue to work on maximizing earthquake preparedness for organizations across the Bay area and California.
    Disaster Supply Center is moving, it is not closing. 
    To order supplies, please go to our website: www.disastersupplycenter.com
    Michael Skyler
    (415) 459-5500