• Chamber Supports Pond Farm Brewing Company in the West End

    October 30, 2017
    On October 24, 2017, the Chamber testified in front of the City of San Rafael Planning Commission to support this new business and deny a recent appeal.

    Chamber President and CEO, Joanne Webster reminded the commissioners that the project is located in the downtown corridor and is completely consistent with the General Plan 2020. She also stated that because of the land-use designation, any restaurant with or without live music, with a bar could occupy the space without a use permit and without a public process. "Aren't we lucky that instead we have The Martens- a smart, innovate and caring couple that has gone to great lengths to address each and every concern brought up by the public". This local husband and wife team will own and operate a family friendly gathering place for all us to enjoy. Pond Farm Brewing Company will infuse much needed vibrancy into the West End of Fourth Street and compliments the City's 'Alive after Five' vision.

    Webster goes on to remind the commissioners that it took years to lease the old yard birds site. Retail as we know it is changing and there is concern that this 8300 sq ft retail space would remain untennated if the appeal was not denied. "We have a very talented couple that wants to create a thriving, neighborhood serving business and on behalf of the San Rafael Chamber, I request that you support this project and deny the appeal".

    The Planning Commission voted 6-0 to deny the appeal.

    Emily Maloney, Marketing and Program Manager
    (415) 454-4163