• Bloom Marin offering clothing services for fire victims

    October 17, 2017
    Dear Community Partner,
    As you are working hard to support victims of the North Bay fires, we wanted to ensure you knew that Bloom Marin offers a short-term solution to their immediate clothing needs. 
    In one, pre-scheduled visit, men, women and children will receive:
    2 outfits, a jacket, a pair of shoes, new undergarments and a hygiene kit.
    Appointments are available by calling (415) 482-6077, and Bloom is located at 1557 4th Street in downtown San Rafael. 
    We are poised and ready to respond to your client’s needs as quickly as possible, and ask that you help facilitate them scheduling their appointment and transportation to accomplish this, as we cannot accommodate walk-ins at this time. If it would better serve you and your clients for us to deliver items, please call (415) 482-6077 to make arrangements.  
    Bloom Marin is a volunteer-based nonprofit that provides complimentary wardrobes and life skills training to men, women, and children transitioning to a life of self-reliance.
    Thank you for helping to get the word out to those in need!
    Rose Jennings Newhouse, Director of Development