• Who Belongs to the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce?

    Dynamic people who build diverse businesses and strengthen our community!

    Participating in the I Belong campaign is an affordable way to promote your business and support the mission of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce. If you would like to get involved, please contact Emily Maloney for more information.

    Read on below to learn why this year's dynamic group of I Belong participants are members of the Chamber!

  • Downtown_Streets_Team.jpg
  • Why does Downtown Streets Team Belong to the Chamber? 

    Our involvement in the Chamber has always been a huge part of our identity in San Rafael. Our membership gives us access to key community leaders so we can spread the word on how we are fighting homelessness. The Chamber is also our bridge to the business community; through the Chamber we can let them know how our Team Members are cleaning up San Rafael to make the city more inviting for their customers and employees. 
    — Logan McDonnell, Project Manager, and Team Member Jason

  • I_Made_it_Glass.jpg
  • Why does I Made It! Glass CreationsBelong to the Chamber? 

    At I Made It! Glass Creations we strive to connect the community through the fun and beauty of fused glass. The Chamber has been a valuable partner in helping us promote our new business and concept to the Marin community! 
    — Lynn Rovelstad, Owner

  • Marin_Humane.jpg
  • Why does Marin Humane Belong to the Chamber?

    Marin Humane is one of the oldest and most respected nonprofits in Marin. Since our beginnings in San Rafael, we understand the importance of partnering with other businesses and monitoring issues affecting our community. As Chamber members, we can inspire compassion and connections, making this a more humane society in which to live and work. 
    — Nancy McKenney, CEO

  • Marin_IJ_vertical.jpg
  • Why does the Marin Independent Journal Belong to the Chamber? 

    The Marin Independent Journal and its digital agency, adtaxi, shares the Chamber’s commitment to making our economy thrive. Through our partnership with the Chamber, we can connect with local businesses and help them solve complex digital marketing challenges with custom, performance-driven solutions. Together with the San Rafael Chamber, the IJ stands for Marin. 
    — Rob Devincenzi, Publisher, with Lori Pearce, Scott Henry and Robert Sterling

  • Marin_School.jpg
  • Why does The Marin School Belong to the Chamber?

    Because of the Chamber, The Marin School has forged a strong network of professional relationships allowing our school to grow by nearly 30%! Through the Chamber, we have met many talented people who later became members of our team, trusted contractors and amazing guest speakers who have helped transform our campus and inspire our community. 
    — Head of School Barbara Brown with Assistant Head of School Ben Griggs and students

  • Sandler-Training.jpg
  • Why does Sandler Training Belong to the Chamber?

    The Chamber affords me the opportunity to support this wonderful city where I live and work, and to stay connected with resources and events that are helpful to my business. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with other members of the community as a result of my membership. 
    — President Linda Palermo

  • Tamal_Vista.jpg
  • Why does Tamal Vista Family Dentistry Belong to the Chamber? 

    As a small business owner in downtown San Rafael, we look to the Chamber as an advocate for local business. They provide networking to support and grow other local businesses, while promoting high standards of business practice within the community. 
    — Doctors James McDowell and Dan Scott

  • Taste_Kitchen.jpg
  • Why does Taste Kitchen & Table Belong to the Chamber? 

    We love belonging to the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce. As busy small business owners, the Chamber makes it easy stay on top of important local issues. Our membership also expands our opportunities to connect with other business leaders and this incredible community that we are proud to serve. 
    — Lorenzo Jones and Rochelle Edwards, Owners

  • World_Financial_Group.jpg
  • Why does Odette Boyd of World Financial Group Belong to the Chamber?

    My membership in the San Rafael Chamber gives me the opportunity to connect with my community and identify businesses and individuals who can benefit from my services. I also get to network and build great relationships with positive and successful people, which inspires me to continue growing my business and supporting our community. 
    — Odette Boyd, Financial Professional