• Comcast's Response and Support during the North Bay fires

    October 19, 2017
    • Comcast is working in partnership with local authorities, as well as utility and other infrastructure and service providers to ensure that our restoration efforts can take place quickly, while working within safety guidelines and other incident response protocols   
    •   Important Note:  The fires have caused widespread power failures that disrupt Xfinity services. Even when the power is restored, Xfinity services may still not be working. This is because power lines and Xfinity lines do not always travel the same path. We are working as quickly as possible, within safety guidelines, to restore services.
    Customer Support
    •         During this crisis, Comcast will NOT charge fees for early termination, late fees, relocation fees or any other fees related to damaged or lost equipment
    •         We will work with our customers to resolve any issues they may be having as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can
    •         If a customer wants to suspend XFINITY services for an extended period of time, but would like to retain use of mobile apps such as Stream TV, Connect, My Account, XFINITY Home, and more, we'll enable them to do so for up to four months and will significantly reduce their bills during this time
    •         A list of Frequently Asked Questions for customers can be found at http://california.comcast.com
    Community Support
    •         We continue to support 19 evacuation centers in 11 cities and 8 emergency response/command centers throughout the impacted areas
    •         We have installed TVs and video services in numerous evacuation centers
    •         Comcast has opened 78,500 free XFINITY WiFi hotspots throughout the California region
      •    For a map of XFINITY WiFi hotspots, which are located both indoors and outdoors in places such as shopping districts, parks and businesses, please visit:  www.xfinity.com/wifi
    •         We are supporting our employees in every way possible, from providing financial support for displacement costs to monitoring air quality and making staffing adjustments as needed
    •         As is always the case, safety is our overriding priority
    •         We issue daily communications to our field teams, and ensure they are equipped with and know how to use the proper safety gear and are aware of and actively implementing all safety protocols