• Chamber Supports New Business- Tail Haven animal care facility

    October 09, 2017
    On october 9, 2017, the Chamber issued the following letter to the City of San Rafael Planning Commission:

    Dear Commissioners:
    On behalf of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, which represents 625 Marin County businesses with over 26,000 employees, I write to express our support for a new business, Tail Haven to open and operate at 629 Lindaro Street.
    Tail Haven is a member of the San Rafael Chamber and the owner Emily Ronnow is a successful business woman with a great deal of experience in boarding and caring for dogs.  I have learned from my colleague, Jay Lifson, CEO at the Lafayette Chamber that Emily and her trained staff go to great lengths to ensure that each dog and their owners have a positive experience.  Jay told me that in the nearly 3 years that Emily has been running Tail Haven in Lafayette they have not received a single complaint. Jay has a pet and is a customer of Tail Haven and has first -hand knowledge of how well the operation is run.  He told me that in Lafayette, Tail Haven is immediately next door to a wine store and they have never complained about their neighbor.  The property owner has never complained either.
    Emily is a very bright, caring and community minded business owner. She has gone to great lengths to ensure that she is providing a valuable service to the San Rafael community. She has done her homework and provided extensive barking noise management plans to the city and to the neighbors that include assurances that all dog play areas are inside and no dogs will be walked on Mariposa Street. She is an experienced operator and knows how to address any issues that might arise.
    This project is consistent with our General Plan 2020 guidelines including an allowed use for the LMU zoning district and compatible with the established parking requirements.
    Please consider denying the appeal and uphold the Zoning Administrator’s conditional approval of the Use Permit.

    Joanne Webster
    President and CEO

    Emily Maloney, Marketing and Program Manager
    (415) 454-4163