• Blake's Auto Body: a Business that Cares

    January 19, 2018
    Blake Andros, owner of Blake’s Auto Body, went to the Reed Schools with his two brothers. His parents moved to East Corte Madera in 1958. The home is still in the family. He fondly recalls one of his favorite Tiburon memories. His mom was driving him to a Judo lesson at The TPC in their 1961 Cadillac Convertible when the Beatles song “I Want to Hold Your Hand” came on the radio. “I was about eight, good times.”

    Blake started out painting motorcycles when he was 16 in the family garage, that was before we knew about all the environmentally safe practices. Today he owns four Blake’s Auto Body locations (three of the four are solar powered) and is celebrating 37 years in business. Blake and his team are committed to supporting the community and environment. For example, one of the most fulfilling donations is when we give cars to people in need and Veteran’s. It’s understandable why they are voted Best of Marin every year. Currently the Blake’s Team is thrilled to be nominated by one of the large insurance companies for Auto Body Shop of the year.

    In a monthly newsletter Blake’s tries to help customers and the general public deal with every day vehicle associated issues. November’s topic was tire care. Now that wet winter weather is approaching it's imperative to have the proper tires, especially at the beginning of the season. Blake explains the reasons why - "In dry weather oil collects and sits on top of the road. When the first rains come water pulls the oil to the top, creating slicker roads - a serious danger for improper tires." In January and February there is very little oil left on the roadways. "It's a process and concern every year."  

    WOW - tires are the only part of our vehicles that touch the road! This truly drives home their importance. Experts recommend checking tire pressure once a month when the tires are cold or 'rested". Tread depth helps prevent hydro-planning. If tire pressure and tread are low it could present a serious danger.  

    Under inflation generates more heat inside the tire causing structural damage. This will form an irregular tire shape when contacting the road. Tires will not absorb shock as well. On the flip side, over inflated tires will also cause an incorrect shape producing similar hazards. The label inside the door jam or owner’s manual will indicate the safest tire pressure for your vehicle.

    Blake recommends three things for safer winter driving:
    1. Proper tire pressure
    2. Proper tire tread
    3. Drive slower 

    Rebecca Brunk
    (415) 459-6115