• F45 Training San Rafael Head Group Fitness Trainer

    F45 Training San Rafael
    Job Description

    F45 Training is a rapidly growing global fitness community specializing in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun and results-driven. F45 Training helps members transform their lifestyle, physically and mentally, encouraging a no-ego attitude and community environment.

    At F45 San Rafael, we are looking for an exceptional individual with a passion for fitness to join our leadership team as the Head Trainer. The Head Trainer will play a vital role, coaching classes, managing a team of personal trainers, and delivering the F45 premier fitness experience to the community. The Head Trainer will also be required to work closely with the owners/management in membership sales and studio marketing to foster and retain memberships. The ideal candidate will be reliable, confident, energetic, hardworking, knowledgeable, professional and charismatic. A candidate that is a genuine motivator, with a mission to help improve the lives of others, will be key to nurturing and growing a thriving F45 San Rafael membership community.


    Responsibilities include:

    • Training responsibilities
      • Lead F45’s HIIT group training classes; coaching >50% classes each week
      • Consistently provide an exceptional F45 premier fitness experience; welcoming members by name, motivating members, ensuring attention to all members during classes, and ensuring that members are performing exercises safely and correctly
      • Demonstrate and explain all exercises in class with coaching for regressions and progressions for all fitness levels (beginners to elite)
      • Bring high energy and fun spirit to each class
      • Set up and inspect equipment for classes, maintaining a meticulously organized studio
      • Cleaning of studio floor and equipment during and between classes
      • Educate trialists and members by communicating in-depth knowledge of the F45 training method (functional movements, HIIT, F45 Challenge, general information on health benefits and nutrition)
      • Continually self-educate on the F45 brand and fitness industry in general
      • Perform fitness consultations and evaluations for members using InBody and other resources
    • Management responsibilities
      • Create class and trainer schedules
      • Train and manage part-time personal trainers in accordance with F45 training methods, ensuring attention-to-detail, expertise in subject matter, cleanliness and organization of the studio (equipment setup, general areas, and bathrooms), precision in running of classes, and personalized attention to members
      • Collaborate with management to develop and evaluate performance towards daily, weekly and monthly goals
      • Collaborate with management to develop/evolve best work practices
      • Promote a culture amongst trainers and members characterized as professional, inclusive, encouraging, goal-oriented and fun
      • Help organize and participate in team meetings, social events, team-building activities and lead-generating activities
      • Additional studio and back-end tasks
    • Membership responsibilities
      • Collaborate with management in the sales and maintenance of memberships, nurturing leads and tracking members
      • Handle member concerns
      • As needed, deliver studio tours and assist studio managers/owners with performing goal-oriented fitness consultations
      • Daily communications with other coaches and owners regarding class members, including active engagement with trialists
    • Marketing responsibilities
      • Be a F45 brand ambassador inside and outside the studio; promote studio
      • Create social media content (e.g. instructional and motivational videos)
      • Participate in social media campaigns and events (e.g. grand opening, F45 Challenges (information sessions, weigh-ins/outs, pre/post-challenge parties), newsletter, member recognitions, etc…)


    Experience / Pre-requisites

    • Personal Training Experience (3+ years preferred, group fitness training preferred)
    • Must possess and maintain CPR/AED certification (First Aid certification is a plus)
    • Must possess and maintain NCCA Accredited Fitness Training Certification
    • Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, or other related field preferred
    • Studio management experience is a bonus
    • Membership sales experience (1+ years preferred, experience with Mindbody useful)
    • Willing to complete F45’s on-boarding curriculum
    • Willingness to work flexible hours (early mornings, evenings, weekdays, weekends)
    • Must be able to move heavy weight (50+ pounds) safely


    Skills / Key Attributes

    • Confident, energetic, passionate, positive, hardworking, professional and genuine motivator towards wanting to help improve the lives of others
    • Passion for the fitness industry and promoting a healthy lifestyle
    • Ability to connect and develop rapport with members
    • In-depth knowledge of functional movements and ability to demonstrate
    • Ability to train all fitness levels (beginner to elite)
    • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written); must be comfortable with public speaking
    • Versed with marketing through social media (Instagram, Facebook)
    • Commitment to promoting and living the F45 brand; in-uniform, advocate via social media and networking
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Ability to manage a high volume of emails, calls and texts
    • “Can-do” attitude; Independent problem-solver
    • Superlative attention to detail
    • Dependable: organized, prepared, punctual, and reliable
    • People-oriented: connect with members, be approachable and empathetic, encourage community, well-being and optimism
    • Cooperative, team player
    • Ability and desire to nurture and grow a thriving F45 community
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